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PIREP - Stark Avionics

As much people, I appreciate pireps from people with exposure to shops you use (good or bad) and want to pass on my experience for that contemplation on others too. After a so-so experience after a recent avionics install, I found myself looking for an alternate avenue for that setting up a brand new transponder for ADS-B compliance. I called two local shops first. The cost of one was very high i actually busted out laughing over the phone as if I were with a comedy bar. He was apparently significantly less amused when i. I was telling the storyplot of my local quote to some friend on the airport and the man recommended that we call John Stark at Stark Avionics for any quote. In doing my due diligence just before calling John, I browsed Mooneyspace and BT for pireps around the shop. In doing this, I came across a totally terrible pirep on Stark Avionics. (Search in BT if you want you just read it). This pirep caused me serious concern about getting in touch with call Stark for any quote.

I posted a broad query for recommendations on an avionics shop and received another recommendation for Stark from another MSer (Oldguy). He and I spoke regarding his knowledge of Stark and I chose to give John a phone call depending on the two recommendations I received from trusted sources. I was open with John regarding my concerns amongst the negative pirep on MS cheap I used to be gun shy depending on the previous experience. As they always say, there are two sides to every single story and John took his time for it to explain his side if you ask me at all like me certain are experts in prepared to use someone else who would like to phone him constantly in that way. Our conversation shifted through the pirep to pricing. John and i also discussed different equipment options, an amount best suit my needs/wants and the flat rate installed price for every option. We ultimately made a decision to install the Stratus ESGi for ADS-B in/out. John quoted us a soft price, but was in advance that this number might be slightly higher if the tray was riveted in (as numerous Mooneys are). I went to the airport that night, took pictures and confirmed that my trays were placed on screws and forwarded those pictures to John. John responded in a very timely manner and confirmed the predetermined fee price for the equipment and install written and that we scheduled the install date and pickup date. The plane was to be delivered the Sunday after Thanksgiving. John said however except time ready by Tuesday, but I opted to schedule the pickup for Wednesday just in case there are some snags along the way.

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